May 11, 2010

6 ways to heal breath odor

Fix the stinking breath depends on what the cause. Within 80 to 90 percent of these cases, because something in your mouth. Most often due to a dirty mouth. Plaque, bacteria that almost invisible and constantly forming in your mouth, often responsible for causing bad breath. Other causes such as holes and gum disease.

Sometimes, bad breath is caused by something in the lungs or digestive tract, or systemic (bodywide) infection. However, eating a garlicky meal is one of the most common causes. Strong odors from foods such as garlic, onions, and alcohol are carried through the bloodstream and exhaled by the lungs. Big loser that cause bad breath is tobacco.

In addition, some health problems, such as sinus infections or diabetes (which may provide chemical breath odor), can cause bad breath.

there are six tips that you can do to keep your breath as fresh as possible
1. keep your mouth guard clean

Keep your mouth clean. That means a thorough brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Food and bacteria trapped between teeth and the gum line can only be removed with the thread. If they are too long can cause breath odor
2. cleaning tongue

Clean your tongue also. Pliers bacteria left on your tongue can contribute less than fresh breath. Be sure to brush your tongue after you brush your teeth.

3. wet your mouth

Quickly dry mouth can cause bad breath. Saliva helps clean your mouth they have a natural antibacterial action, and sweep the food particles. That terrible morning breath is the result of reduced saliva flow at night.
4. gargle your mouth
If nothing else, at least rinse with water after eating. Water swishing around can help to remove some food particles left in the mouth after eating and prevent bad breath d
5. chewing piterseli
Chewing parsley or spearmint will not cure bad breath, but the aroma of spices themselves can help to cover up bad breath temporarily.

6. eating vegetables

Foods that help fight plaque can also help fight bad breath. like celery, carrots, beans or a little low fat cheese if you want a snack.

Although all these tips will help your breath smell better, find the cause of bad breath is the best way for it for the long term.

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March 1, 2010

14 THINGS TO SUCCESS delay ....

Have you know why we are not successful? The following are things - things that cause delayed success. But before we
see these things we need to look at facts neighbor's success, there are 5 facts success:

1. SUCCESS nothing to do with YOUR AGE!
* Nelson Mandela, became president 76 years of age
* Marconi, find a phone 27 years of age
* Steve Jobbs, millionaire aged 21 years
* Colonel Sanders (KFC), started the business 65 years of age
* Winston Churchill, many fail and obstacles, so the new British Prime Minister 52 years of age.
* Bill Gates, the richest in the world aged 41 years

2. SUCCESS nothing to do with ethnicity, religion, NATION, AND SKIN COLOR Descendants.
* Obama: President of the United States today
* General Colin Powell, Martin Luther King: black leather
* Confucius: China's orphans
* Charles Dickens: the story writers English childhood, writing in a shed, a lot of scripts thrown into the trash by the editor.

3. SUCCESS nothing to do with (DISABLED) PHYSICAL.
* Helen Keller: the blind, deaf, speech impaired, author and world renowned educator.
* Shakespeare: disabled leg, the author of novels.
* F.D. Roosevelt: polio, 32 U.S. presidents.
* Beethoven: deaf, music composer.
* Napoleon Bonaparte: very short, unattractive face, leader of the European conquerors.
* Anthony Robbins: LulusanSMA, obesity, changing perceptions about appearance and car adiet, a slim, world renowned motivator.

4. SUCCESS nothing to do with EDUCATION LEVEL
* Edison: elementary education, 2000 patent.
* Li Ka Shing: quit umur14 school year, the richest man in Hong Kong.
* Henry Ford: was never in school
* The Wright Brothers: ordinary people and not highly educated, creating the first aircraft in the world.
* Bill Gates, the richest man on earth to start a business after graduating from high school.
* Lawrence Ellison: college dropout, the founder of Oracle Corp., the second richest man in the world.

5. Success is not related to FAMILY BACKGROUND
* Andrew Carnegie: working age of 13 years, very poor family, became King of Iron Steel world.
* Walt Disney: 20 years of age and poor youth are not well known, the age of 30 years became famous entrepreneurs.
* Abrahan Lincoln was born from poor families
* Napolean Hill was born in a poor family, his mother died when she was little, so the world renowned motivational teacher, his book Think and
Grow Rich: a first reference to the motivators of the world.
* Bill Clinton: his father died when he was little, her brother was involved drugs.

Well from the above fact is not influenced by the success of any kind. regardless of our age, regardless of where we are, whatever the circumstances
our physical, no matter how level of education, and whatever our background beakang. We are all entitled to succeed.

Here are some things - things that may delay our success.

Why we delayed success?

1. There is no purpose / goal that right, do not know what you want in life
2. Was never recorded goals: only in the head, not dikertas or Goal Visualization or any means.
3. Not want to be responsible for their actions, always looking for a reason or excuse for its failure.
4. No action is effective: Many plans, no action aka No Action Talk Only (NATO).
5. Confine ourselves: no right to assume success because, too old, do not have the capital, inherited the family, where not possible.
6. Lazy: do not want to work hard, always trying to use the most simple, fast and save time, but want to make money
7. Friends with my friends the wrong, living in the neighborhood of people who fail.
8. Can not alias any set time priorities.
9. One wore a strategy or how to act, do not have the best strategy. Trying hard, the result is zero.
10. Lack of self-development: less reading, listening tapes, seminars, gather new information and so on.
11. There is no sincerity or commitment to success: easy to despair or give in when facing obstacles.
12. Less use of Subconscious Mind Power.
13. Lack of human relations is good.
14. Arrogant and consider themselves the most powerful and stop learning.

How to succeed?
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