February 4, 2010

6 said effective domestic harmony

Marriage is like the heart, have a variety of flavors coming erratic at times angry, happy, sad. disappointed, proud, and dozens of other taste.
susana difficulty of maintaining a heart, it is also difficult to keep the marriage. often squabble over married couples, even until someone filed for divorce.
the importance of communication to express feelings, communication is crucial in maintaining the durability of relationships.
to disclose it on your Sheknow few short words that did not take long to say it, but left a lasting impression and improve the relationship of husband and wife who almost cracked

I lovo you

It sounds cliche. but do you know that if you set aside a few seconds in one day to say I LOVE YOU in pairs, the same as you deepen the sense of love with her

Excuse me

One word 'sorry' every time you do wrong will make it easy to forget your mistakes

I understand

say that every time the couple apologized nor seyiap time explaining why he could not fulfill your wishes. Two words "I understand"

been able to consider your spouse as a couple of terms. it will be remembered when you were arguing, "I will not necessarily get him sepengertian partner"

you're so pretty / handsome

little time to give praise when i wake up would not make you late for work, right? Say "you're so beautiful" or "very handsome amu" when your partner just opened his eyes. He would be eager to spend the day since his eyes open because you already gave him confidence

I really need you

has become normal for the couple husband and wife have an argument, be a party would budge, because if no one wants mngealah difficult for you to improve relations with tulusa tell you how very membutuhkanya. Undoubtedly anger subsided then you could talk quietly to explain the problems that occurred in the middle of you


sounds trivial, but with you saying "thank you" for all things given and the laku
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February 3, 2010


Books are bearers of civilization
Without the history books silent, literature silent,
science crippled, thought stuck.
Books are engines of change,
window of the world,
? lighthouse? like the poet said,
? is mounted on the oceans of time?.
[Barbara Tuchman, 1989]

The book is a window
Sukma we see the world outside through this window
House without books is like a room with no windows
[Henry Ward Beecher, 1870]

The book is like a garden
Which can be inserted into the bag
[Saying China]

The book is a wonderful thing
The book is like a beautiful garden filled with flowers of various colors,
Like the flying carpet
That could blow us
To lands previously unknown
[Frank Gruber, 1944]

Book air and exhale perfumes
[Eugene Field, 1896]

Books must be ax
To destroy the frozen sea within us.
[Franz Kafka, 1883-1924, short story writer and novelist Austria]

Without the book of God was silent,
Justice sunset
Natural Science jammed,
Dumb literary,
Completely overwhelmed and darkness
[Thomas V. Bartholin, 1672]

Books are the quietest friend and always ready in place.
Adviser of the most accessible and wisest,
And extraordinary teacher patiently
[Charles W. Eliot, 1896]

I do not read the book:
I spoke with the author
[Elbert Hubbard, 1927]

Books think for me
[Charles Lamb]

The book is a mirror
If there ass in the mirror,
Nothing will come face of clerical
[G.C. Lichtenberg]

The book is not what we read,
But the books we read
[W.H. Auden, 1973]

My mistress
[S.J. Adair Fitzgerald]

If there is little money, I buy books,
If there are remaining,
I buy food and clothing
[Desiderius Erasmus]

Let me be the poor,
Lived in a shack but it has a lot of books
Rather than be a king but do not like to read
[Thomas B. Macaulay, 1876]

Many people like me
People who need books, as they need air
[Richard Marek, 1987]

I can not live without books
[Thomas Jefferson, 1815]

Sitting alone under the lights,
Outstretched in front of the book,
Converse intimately with people from a generation that did not appear?
It was a pleasure not bertara
[Yoshida Kenko, 1688]

Habit of reading is the only pure pleasure
When other pleasures fade, pleasure reading remains
[Anthony Trollope]

Where people can know about the time spent
Weariness and difficulty learning to read (book)
I have 80 years of trying,
Not yet reached the goal

Someone lost touch with reality
When not surrounded by his books
[Francois Mitterand, President of France, 1982]

Like flesh to flesh, so reading for the soul

Good book
Like chatting with great people
From the previous centuries
[Rene Descartes, 1617]

People can get high-class education
From the bookshelf a five-foot
[Charles William Eliot, Harvard University President]

True university these days
Is a collection of books
[Thomas Carlyle]

I will finish this introduction with a quote Jorge Luis Borge, poet, short story writer and essayist Argentina (1899? 1986), Director of the National Library of Argentina (1955? 1973) about the library said,
I always imagined that Paradise
Like a kind of library.
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February 2, 2010

how to avoid bloated stomach

Your stomach bloated? yes god can be very disturbing appearance. Besides a bit difficult for us to move freely so we look look less attractive. It could still manage to fashion strategies that can cover the stomach buncitmu. But instead of mending it to find a way to avoid an issue with this one. Well here's how jitunya.

Set Patterns and How to Eat

What if you eat very quickly chew it? If it must be changed tuh ...

Chewing or swallowing food too fast can cause the air suspended in the stomach resulting in stomach mark aka bulge.

Also make it a habit to chew foods also about 32 times before you swallow. So that food can be easily digested. And one more thing try to avoid a heavy meal late at night and do not get used to sleep after eating.

Also avoid eating large meals because it can make enlarged stomach and slow digestion in the intestine. Therefore better to eat small meals but often.

Avoid Junk Food

If you seriously crave a flat stomach try eating less salty foods, and contain much salt as potato chips and so on. Sure could make a decrease in appetite if you eat does not use salt. but if emang really want to slim it takes sacrifice.

Forget fast food once a very tempting taste for salt content in it are very high. Avoid cold foods are also fast food ketchup and mustard canned.

Exercising regularly

Do badminton or basketball gym running light on a regular basis. With so can help move the fluid in the abdomen. Water will come out through sweat or pushed into the bladder and expelled as urine. Some say sit ups can shrink the stomach. Actually it's not always true. Because the function is to sit up rather than tightening the stomach muscles to shrink the stomach.

Expand Mineral Drinking Water

By drinking mineral water can dilute the concentration of sodium (salt) and toxins in the body thereby increasing the amount of water coming out of the system. Oh yes also avoid Sparkling mineral water is carbonated water which is naturally derived from the fountain. Drink soda because it contains gives the sensation of its own. But be careful because the content in it can cause stomach enlarged.
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