February 4, 2010

6 said effective domestic harmony

Marriage is like the heart, have a variety of flavors coming erratic at times angry, happy, sad. disappointed, proud, and dozens of other taste.
susana difficulty of maintaining a heart, it is also difficult to keep the marriage. often squabble over married couples, even until someone filed for divorce.
the importance of communication to express feelings, communication is crucial in maintaining the durability of relationships.
to disclose it on your Sheknow few short words that did not take long to say it, but left a lasting impression and improve the relationship of husband and wife who almost cracked

I lovo you

It sounds cliche. but do you know that if you set aside a few seconds in one day to say I LOVE YOU in pairs, the same as you deepen the sense of love with her

Excuse me

One word 'sorry' every time you do wrong will make it easy to forget your mistakes

I understand

say that every time the couple apologized nor seyiap time explaining why he could not fulfill your wishes. Two words "I understand"

been able to consider your spouse as a couple of terms. it will be remembered when you were arguing, "I will not necessarily get him sepengertian partner"

you're so pretty / handsome

little time to give praise when i wake up would not make you late for work, right? Say "you're so beautiful" or "very handsome amu" when your partner just opened his eyes. He would be eager to spend the day since his eyes open because you already gave him confidence

I really need you

has become normal for the couple husband and wife have an argument, be a party would budge, because if no one wants mngealah difficult for you to improve relations with tulusa tell you how very membutuhkanya. Undoubtedly anger subsided then you could talk quietly to explain the problems that occurred in the middle of you


sounds trivial, but with you saying "thank you" for all things given and the laku

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